Bin Li - AImpressionist


Bin Li
Associate Professor
School of Computer Science
Fudan University

Email: libin82cn AT gmail DOT com
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I'm an associate professor of computer science at Fudan University since Nov 2017. Prior to this, I was a research fellow at Institut TELECOM SudParis from 2009 to 2010, a lecturer at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) from 2011 to 2013, and a senior research scientist of machine learning at CSIRO's Data61 (formerly NICTA) from 2013 to 2017. I received my PhD degree in computer science from Fudan University in 2009.

My research interests lie in machine learning, Bayesian nonparametrics and computational cognitive science, particularly in complex data (e.g., relational, structured, and streaming) representation, modeling and inference.


I am seeking PhD students interested in foundational problems at the intersection of deep latent variable models and visual intelligence.


My latest publications and some selected research topics are listed below. The full list of my publications can be found here.

Latest Publications (not elsewhere classified)

Compositional Scene Representation and Visual Reasoning

Bayesian Nonparametric Space and Multi-array Partitions

Structured Data Representation with Recursive Hashing

Cross-Domain Collaborative Filtering


Some of my students and team alumni are listed below. The full list of my students can be found here.
I was external PhD supervisor at UTS, USyd and UNSW when I worked for NICTA/CSIRO in Australia.

Current Students

  • Shangchao Su (PhD'20/MS'18 Student@Fudan) supervised 2018~Now.

  • Jinyang Yuan (PhD'19 Student@Fudan) co-supervised 2018~Now.

  • Tonglin Chen (PhD'18 Student@Fudan) supervised 2018~Now.

  • Fan Shi (MSc'19 Student@Fudan) supervised 2019~Now.

  • Jingye Chen (MEng'19 Student@Fudan) supervised 2019~Now.

Team Alumni

  • Xuhui Fan (Postdoc@CSIRO) supervised 2015~2017 on Bayesian Nonparametric Space Partitions.

  • Wei Wu (PhD@UTS) co-supervised 2015~2018 on Structured Data Hashing.

  • Ling Luo (PhD@USyd) co-supervised 2015~2017 on Temporal Behavior Modeling. Google PhD Fellowship 2017 | Springer Theses

  • Yi Wang (PhD@UNSW) co-supervised 2014~2016 on Bayesian Nonparametric Clustering.

  • Lianhua Chi (PhD@UTS) co-supervised 2012~2015 on Structured Data Hashing.

  • Ruijiang Li (PhD@Fudan) co-supervised 2009~2013 on Bayesian Subspace Clustering.


  • PAKDD 2013 Best Paper Award.

  • CCF 2009 Doctoral Dissertation Award Nomination.